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The model of Super Seagull G-4 plane

Designed in Siemens NX

G4 model in work view
The project was made for the Serbian Army at the Military Technical Institute. Model is designed based on paper documents and electronic 2D documentation. Most challenging part of designing was surface optimization, as most of details on wing-fuselage fillets and fuselage-engine inlet bottom fillets (visible on second image) where not appropriate for model scale. Same problem appeared on fillets between vertical empennage and fuselage.
First and second image show model in work NX4 window. Third image is rendered view of model.  

G4 model bottom side
G4 model, rendered view


  1. Da li se radi na nekim modifikacijama zmaja Galeba posto vidimo nov model tog aviona?
    Koja je svrha....?

  2. pozdrav,
    ovaj model je pravljen da bi se ispitala pojava vibracija zadnjeg dela trupa pri brzinama vecim od 750km/h. Nemam inforamcije o rezultatima ispitivanja u tunelu, morao bih da se raspitam.

  3. Model ne izgleda po nekim detaljima kao originalni Galeb. Da li se radi o redizajnu?