About me

My expertise is in advanced approach to finding solutions in CAD design and mechanical design. This include communication with customer on finding best solutions to their needs, presentation of possibilities and advantages of different approaches, and finalizing design in CAD software.

I am research driven problem solver, with more than 17 years of experience in CAD design. I worked in workshop of laboratory equipment for Military Technical institute of Serbia, including wind tunnel equipment and models for 11 years. Worked for Siemens Wind Power in Denmark as CAD design consultant and now I am working in ABB HVDC in Sweden as CAD design expert.

I am expert in Siemens NX, 3D design, assembly design, Product Template Studio, Reusable Library models and assemblies, parametric modeling, parametric assembly and large assembly, surfacing, sheet metal, drafting and documentation, and control of models geometry.


Or in more details:

I am Siemens NX design expert, most in aerospace, military, windpower and mechanical design, research driven problem solver and team leader.
I work as CAD engineer, proficient in computer-aided design in Siemens NX (formerly Unigraphics).

My work include consulting and development of advanced solutions for CAD problems.

I have advanced knowledge of 3D design, assembly design, Product Template Studio, Reusable Library models and assemblies, parametric modeling, parametric assembly and large assembly, surfacing, sheet metal, drafting and documentation, and control of models geometry.

My expertise include design of models that meet quality needs, most usually on a compressed time schedule, also redesign of models interior and exterior to optimize models for new requirements.

My expertise cover design of huge parametric assemblies that fluently update upon changes of design.

I design models and assemblies that are editable through expressions or Product Template Studio and can be used through Reusable Library.

I work on reverse engineering design (the reverse-engineering process involves measuring an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model).

I have expert knowledge on creating assembly documentation, reports and assembly guides, making the necessary technical and production documentation. In Camtasia Studio video editing software I am making video guides and tutorials.

I have knowledge of Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks and Solid Edge...

I am very interested in learning how to use and make NXOpen applications, and I am extremely interested in all advanced usages of NX.

Specialties: expertise in 3D design, surfacing, parametric model/assembly design, large assembly, reusable parts and PTC, drafting and documentation design.

My first job was in MTI (Military Technical Institute), my job there was to design models for testing in wind tunnels, including the interior redesign of models for placing measurement equipment, redesign of the exterior of the model for optimization of geometry for the wind tunnel test, making the necessary technical documentation,  production and assembly documentation.
My work in MTI included cooperation with manufacturing engineers in the preparation of technological process and machining (CAM), and cooperation in all stages and final model control. In years I worked in MTI I designed large number of prototype parts, tools or assemblies for MTI and other customers. Main advantage of working in MTI was communication with wind tunnel engineers, manufacturing engineers and production staff, that was needed for finishing prototypes fast and in wanted quality. Best experience was that I learned to think ahead, to consider manufacturing of parts I design and to imagine all steps in production before I start designing parts in CAD and make documentation. that helped me to know how to optimize design for CAM processes and to reduce time needed for production.

For four years I worked for Danish consulting companies (hired by Siemens Wind Power) as adviser/consultant for advanced parametric design of parts and assemblies in Siemens NX. My work as consultant include development of advanced solutions for CAD problems, and consulting during transition to Siemens NX from other CAD softwares.

At this moment I work in ABB HVDC in Sweden as Siemens NX CAD design expert.

What I learned as engineer is to analyze the problems more carefully and if necessary divide the problem into several "layers". I communicate and collaborate with other engineers and typically I work as part of team. I developed a greater degree of professional patience and learned how to be able to have constructive and more meaningful discussion with people I work with and with our customers. One of the main things I learned so far is not to jump to conclusions, but to think before I give my opinion.

As person I am very curious, constantly searching for new knowledge, new technologies, new ways to do something. As engineer I am always looking for new solutions and new ways to make my projects perfectly done.

I pay attention to details in my work and life. I am organized person and know how to properly set my priorities which is of great importance to save time and improve quality and efficiency of my work.

One of the prized properties of engineers is that they are able to visualize their projects even before they make them. During my carrier I developed 3D way of thinking which help me a lot in my CAD design. In my work I am adaptable and prone to innovation and improvisation .

I am frank, truthful, open-minded, friendly person...