what is reverse engineering?
- in general: reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a human made device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation.
- in CAD: method to create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part for use in 3D CAD, CAM, CAE or other software. The reverse-engineering process involves measuring an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model.

what is CMM measuring?
- CMM measuring is process of acquiring physical geometrical characteristics and coordinates of surface elements on Coordinate Measurement Machines. You can see how it work here. All informations gathered on CMM machines can be imported in CAD software as part of design process or control process.

can I get NX .prt files of your models?
- As I like to keep track of original files of my models, anybody can get .prt file format of most of models under "free model download" label just if you ask for them. There is only a few models for which I do not share original files, like flintlock models.