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Jewelry - men rings (free CAD download file)

Designed in Siemens NX6

I started ring design after I saw request for ring model on GrabCAD site. After few models  found this modeling quite relaxing and quite challenging, as almost every design I can think is already made. So for now I will not care if my rings already exists and I will share my models with world, and maybe from time to time I will make some unique designs :)

I started with simplest designs of "flat wedding bands" and "half-round rings" or D-ring, as these are easy to design and good for practice and learning.

Few explanations about models:
01. flat ring with ECG signal line;
01b. half round ring with ECG signal line;
02. flat ring with "steps", it is just a circular array of three sided prisms;
03. "spidermen" ring, have spider web and some kind of stone in center;
04. flat ring with lot of small boll shapes ;
05. D-ring is first step to "multifaceted" ring design, but i found it interesting so I keep it as separate design;
06. this is "multifaceted" D-ring ring, with lot of hexagonal faces all over D shape;
07. have faces that keep D-shape in profile view, difference between 07, 07b and 07c model are in number of faces, and 07c have two types of faces;
08. D-ring with some kind of mechanical pattern on it

Thank You for visiting and there will be more rings soon.

Download links are at the bottom of this page.

  Model 01
  Model 01b
  Model 02
  Model 03
  Model 04
  Model 05
  Model 06
  Model 07
  Model 07b
  Model 07c
  Model 08

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