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Partner 2011 exhibits overview


  Main exhibition hall    
International Fair of Defense System and Equipment Partner 2011, is one of main regional events in MTI calendar. This year MTI have lot to show, there is 39 exhibits prepared by MTI and many more prepared by other defense ministry institutions and other companies.
One of interesting details is Subsonic Wind Tunnel Test Section model in 1:1 ratio, set on main entrance to main fair hall, too bad it wasn't marked properly so most people had no idea what it is.

Main hall entrance, copy of working section of subsonic wind tunnel in 1:1 ratio
First thing that you notice after entering main hall is "Swallow" plane painted in black. In background there is lot of vehicles of different purposes.

The Aircraft LASTA P2 "Swallow" is designed for flight familiarization, evaluation of flying ability, pilot primary and basic training, primary instructions, acrobatics, formation flying, navigation, instrument and night flying. It can perform basic training in gunnery, rocket firing and bombing, also.
LASTA P2 "Swallow" training aircraft

Right next to "Swallow" plane there was two more flying exhibits, two UAVs:

-Long Range UAV
Long range tactical UAV for day and night reconnaissance and surveillance missions, target acquisition and designation. Equipped with single payload (up to 40 kg on the central adjunction point) or two different (up to 30 kg on the rear and up to 10 kg.
LR UAV "Pegaz"

-Mini UAV
Tactical UAV for day or night reconnaissance and surveillance short range missions (up to 10 km) carrying EO payload (daylight or IR camera on the gyro stabilized platform) up to 1.5 kg.
Mini UAV "Sparrow"

Few more important exhibits from MTI where:

-LRSVM  (Lanser Raketa Samohodni Višecevni Modularni)
(Selfpropelled Multitube Modular Rocket Launcher)
According to changed conditions of modern warfare, the development of the modern rocket system was started which will be capable to launch a different kind of missiles, regarding to caliber or range, with folloving features: Polymorphous, Modular subsystems, Each function fully automated, FCS (Firing Control System) integrated, Capable for autonomous scheduled war missions, Effective logistics -interchangeable launching pods.
LRSVM  Selfpropelled Multitube Modular Rocket Launcher

The main application of system MIP is passive intelligence, surveillance and acquisition of moving and stationary objects in daily, night and low visibility conditions, in a move or in a stay position.
Multy-Sensor Intelligent Platform – MIP 11
Self-propelled howitzer 122mm SORA is intended for general fire support of brigade level units. It has been designed to fulfill requirements of the modern battlefield, which means that shoot-and-scoot principle is adopted as the main mode of operation.
Two most popular robot designs on this year exhibition:

-The "MILICA" short range anti-tank system on unmanned tracks.
This wireless combat robot is designed by the Military Technical Institute of the Republic of Serbia. The main purpose of his system is protection of expected attack routes of main battle tank and other types of armored fighting vehicle and system also can be engaged for tactical destructions of different types of field fortificated objects.
-The "TORO" Robot, remote controlled vehicle with robotic arm.
This robotic vehicle is   designed by the Military Technical Institute of the Republic of Serbia. Main purpose is to replace people in dangerous missions ans hazardous tasks.
  MTI robotic systems "MILICA" and "TORO"  
  MTI robotic systems "MILICA" and "TORO" 
More photos from main hall:

And part of outdoor exhibits:

I have to mention T-55 tank from one reason, I drove this tank while serving in Serbian Army 1998. On PARTNER 2011 they presented upgrades for this tank designed in last few years.
T-55 Tank


  1. "...... On PARTNER 2011 they presented upgrades for this tank designed in last few years".
    Која је циљна група за ову модернизацију. Ми смо се наших Т-55 одрекли, коме препоручујемо ово.

  2. Веруј ми да ни мени ниије јасно, јер сам од официра који су били ту сазнао да су наше 55-ице већ почели да шаљу на сечење. Зашто раде побољшања за нешто што су почели да шаљу на отпад то знају само шефови СДПР-а. Мада по томе како су увезани са министарством, личи да раде побољшања само да би их наплатили од државе, или да би их евентуално наплатили државама које немају пара за нове тенкове а већ имају Т-55 које могу да унапреде.