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Blisk model for CAM (free CAD download file) (video)

Designed in Siemens NX8

A blisk (or bladed disk) is a single engine component consisting of a rotor disk and blades, which may be either integrally cast, machined from a solid piece of material, or made by welding individual blades to the rotor disk. The term is used mainly in aerospace engine design. The word is a portmanteau of blade and disk, the two components it replaces in turbomachinery. Blisks may also be known as integrally bladed rotors (IBR).

This model is made for my colleague who is working CAM and he needed blisk model for his CAM project (you can see movie of CAM processes in this post). This is not model of real blisk as it is designed by edit of real turbo engine blade and merging it with custom disk, it is designed to be machined from a solid peace of material. This blade is only for show of CAM processes needed for machining this kind of model.

My colleague give me permission to share his video on my blog.
"this is turbo-machining strategy of nx cam, this video show preparation for rough mill turbo-machining and blend semi finish" 


  1. This is a complex aerospace part, I have used NX turbomachining module. Hope you can enjoy.

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  3. Actually we are doing a project related to cycloid gear. for machining we require the CAD diagram . so please me help how to draw epicycloid and hypo cycloid using any of the CAD software like Autocad or PRO-E etc....

    Solid works

    1. I can tell you how to do it in NX... do you want me to do it?