Wind turbine (free CAD download file)

Designed in Siemens NX6

In the light of some recent events I just had to make this model of wind turbine. It does not have many details but it is good for rendering and maybe some simulations and analysis. Please note that this is not blade of real wind turbine, and that this design is not product of any math, this is just a shape that I found on internet and make it look little smoother, so any use of this model is on your own responsibility. If you find this model useful for some purpose other then making renderings please let me know, I will be truly grateful.

It is really hard to find this type of geometry on internet but after extended search I finally found turbine blade base geometry on this site:
But blade was very much distorted and looked like this:

So i had to "iron" it a little before I used it in my model. Now it look like this:

blade as part of wind turbine assembly look like this after rendering:

STEP model download
IGES model download


  1. Do you happen to have the .mf1 and mf2 files for the wind turbine modeled in nx ideas? Could you please provide me with them?

    1. no, sorry, this is all i have.

    2. please sontact me on

    3. please sontact me on

  2. Thank you for using our simulation technology website called SimCafe. We are delighted to have people use some of our projects. You might have noticed that the link above is broken. We updated the web page recently and it changed the URL. The new URL is

    We are currently developing a new wind turbine tutorial which will be a 1-way Fluid-Structure Interaction simulation. Check back soon!

  3. Thank you for the Sharing. It's really appreciate.

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